Meet the Team

Our mission is to be the best in the world at automating fundamental infrastructure! Want to join us?


Product / Engineering

Nathan Goulding

SVP, Strategy

Sam Machiz

SVP, Product

Adam Rothschild

SVP, Network

Bruce Wang

VP, Software

Thao Nguyen

VP, Hardware Engineering

Savi Venkatachalapathy

Senior Director Product Management

David Laube

VP, Platforms

Manny Mendez

Senior Systems Engineer

Shahar Mintz

Production Engineering Manager

James Brinkerhoff

Principal Systems Architect

Linda Hemerik

Product Manager

Lucas Perez

Senior Developer

Shane Gibson

Solutions Engineer

Philip Cristiano

Senior Production Engineer

Victor Lowther

Senior Systems Engineer

Emiliano Jankowski

Senior Developer

Enzo Nicolorich


Tony Perez

Infrastructure Engineer

Matias Berrueta


Dodik Gaghan


Yahya Fakhroji


Patrick DeVivo

Lead Engineer

Jessica Tan

UI Developer

Kelly Deng


Travis Irby

Senior Software Engineer


Mark Quigley

VP, Datacenter Operations

Clint Chapman

VP, Cloud Operations

Joe Galinis

Manager of Network and Infrastructure Operations

Alex Zhang

Facilities Manager

Michael Pedrazzini

Facilities Manager

Tim Lira

Datacenter Operations

Rey Alcantara

Customer Operations


Greg Howard

VP of Global Sales

Brian Wong

Regional Director, San Francisco

Ben Holton

Senior Account Executive

Damian Sieczkowski

Senior Account Executive

Michael Hsieh

Business Development Manager


Ty Gibbons

Creative Director, Packet Studios

Chris Wright

Director, Revenue Marketing

Ed Vielmetti

Special Projects Director

Felix Widjaja

Creative Director

Ronggur Hatasuhut

Web Developer

Zoe Allen

Marketing Coordinator

Edo Aria

Web Developer


Samantha Licata

Manager, Customer Success

Paulo Maligaya

DevOps Lead, APAC

Golden Prifti

Customer Success Engineer

Carl Perry

Senior Customer Success Engineer

Mo Lawler

Customer Success Lead

Jemarie Camba

Customer Success

Scott Burns

Outreach Developer

Naji Pride

Customer Success

Ruel Masalta

Customer Success Engineer

Finance & HR

Melonie Edwards

Office Manager

Andre Tan

Director of Finance

Silvia Olivares

Executive Coordinator

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