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It's Time to Think Beyond Cloud Computing

“It’s a foregone conclusion that giant, centralized server farms that take up 19 city blocks of power are just not going to work everywhere,” says Zachary Smith, a double-bass player and Juilliard School graduate who is the CEO and cofounder of a New York City startup called Packet. Smith is among those who believe that the solution lies in seeding the landscape with smaller server outposts—those edge networks—that would widely distribute processing power in order to speed its results to client devices, like those cars, that can’t tolerate delay.

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Meet Packet, The Elastic Cloud Infrastructure Without The Virtualization Tax

Founded in 2014, Packet is a bare metal cloud platform that promises the power of cloud without the performance penalty. Unlike other IaaS providers that rely on a hypervisor to deliver automation capabilities, Packet aims to offer physical machines as a service. It claims that there are no noisy neighbors, shared resources or hypervisors that interfere with the performance.

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Full-Metal Packet is hosting the future of cloud infrastructure

That’s where Packet comes in. The New York City-based startup’s platform offers a highly-customizable infrastructure for running bare metal in the cloud. Rather than sharing an instance with other users, Packet’s  customers “own” the hardware they select, so they can use all the resources of that hardware.

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CNCF, Packet Provide Free Infrastructure for Cloud Developers

Packet, which offers hosted bare-metal servers for developers, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation have banded together to offer free infrastructure for projects to advance cloud-native computing. Called the CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab, it’s actually $25,000 a month in resources that Packet is donating on its existing infrastructure. That infrastructure includes high performance compute and storage nodes in more than 15 global locations including New York City, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. 

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How Tier 2 cloud vendors banded together to cope with Spectre and Meltdown

Earlier this week news broke of a pair of massive chip vulnerabilities dubbed Spectre and Meltdown. We learned that the larger cloud vendors like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been in touch with chip vendors and have been working behind the scenes to mitigate the vulnerabilities. But what about smaller cloud hosting vendors like Linode, OVH and Packet who were not in the inner circle? How were they coping with it?

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Packet’s Dell EMC PowerEdge AMD EPYC Server Deployment Accelerating

Recently, Packet announced the public availability of a new AMD EPYC instance type, that is the direct result of a collaboration with Dell EMC and AMD that we highlighted in: AMD EPYC Powered Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Are Here. For $1/ hour, you can now get a 24 core / 48 thread AMD EPYC 7401P powered Dell EMC R6415 server with 64GB DDR4 memory, a 120GB boot SSD and 2x 480GB SSDs for storage, and dual 10GbE Mellanox networking.

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Packet and ARM Hope to Lure Developers to Bare-Metal ARM Cloud

Bare-metal cloud service provider Packet has partnered with processor designer ARM Holdings for Works on ARM, a project to bring bare-metal ARM processors to developers by way of its cloud. This will supply free on-demand access to Armv8-A bare metal systems from Cavium, Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Huawei, and others, opening the door for software projects to test against a variety of data center-grade machines.

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Packet Launches Edge Compute Service to Power Distributed Workloads

 Packet, the leading bare metal cloud for developers, today launched a new Edge Compute service with 11 additional global locations and a dynamic spot-market based pricing feature. The service expands upon Packet’s existing bare metal cloud and is targeted at latency specific workloads and software innovators that require global access to un-opinionated infrastructure without the use of virtualization or multi-tenancy.

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Qualcomm's 10nm ARM Chip Available in Cloud for Developers

Developer platform Packet is set to become one of the first cloud services to deploy a 48-core server ARM-based chip made by Qualcomm. Centriq 2400 is the world’s first CPU built using 10 nanometer process, enabling it to pack more transistors per die. “With blazing-fast innovation occurring at all levels of software, the simple act of giving developers direct access to hardware is a massive, and very timely, opportunity,” said Nathan Goulding, Packet’s SVP of Engineering.

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Backblaze partners with Packet and Server Central to better challenge the big clouds

Backblaze is sweetening the deal today with a partnership with Packet and ServerCentral that will allow for free data transfer. This matchup makes a lot of sense for the three independent cloud providers involved. Packet is mostly known for its bare-metal server offerings, while ServerCentral focuses on helping businesses manage their IT infrastructure.

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Developer Cloud Startup Packet Lands $25M Round and Three New High-Profile Execs

There has been a flurry of activity behind the scenes at bare-metal automation platform company Packet Hosting Inc. in recent weeks, and now the startup is ready to reveal what’s up.

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Packet Raises $25M Series B, Starts Deployment of Edge Computing Cloud

Cloud and edge computing startup Packet has raised a $25 million Series B funding round. The company has started to build out the initial nodes on its planned edge computing network. It’s hired a former SoftLayer executive as COO and brought on a Facebook veteran to oversee its hardware platform development.

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Living on the Edge: Amazon, AT&T, Packet Pursue “Cloudlet” Computing

Packet’s next wave of edge expansion, announced this week, will take it “much closer to the network edge,” Tarazi says. The 50 new edge data centers will sit at the base of cell towers in metal buildings the size of an 18-wheeler truck trailer, where they’ll be connected to the Internet through both fiber-optic cable and wireless at the tower itself, he says. Packet is working with all the big cell tower companies to explore sites, Tarazi says.

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Packet and Netronome Team Up on Microservers Built for Edge Workloads

Packet and Netronome teamed up on microservers built for cloud-native and edge workloads. The jointly designed hardware uses Netronome’s SmartNICs (network interface cards) and will be deployed across Packet’s bare metal cloud and edge sites. And it is built for the Open19 Foundation infrastructure platform.

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Packet Readies Custom Open19 Servers for the Edge

One of the first adopters of Open19 outside of LinkedIn and one of the first companies deploying computing infrastructure at a cell tower is bare metal cloud provider Packet. The New York-based startup is getting ready to install high-density micro-servers with Netronome SmartNICs built to the Open19 form factor to six edge test sites as well as its 18 existing cloud data center locations.

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Can Big Money Crack Big Tech? The New Trends Threatening Today’s Digital Giants.

Cloud computing drives profits for the most successful companies in the world. But what does it take to lead the cloud and, by extension, make technology a true competitive advantage? Access to global logistics and cheap, long-term capital can’t hurt.

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