Virtuozzo – a leader in hyperconverged infrastructure software - and Packet have partnered to deliver high performance, highly cost-efficient infrastructure solutions on demand – deployed immediately from Packet's public cloud with virtually no upfront investment and no long-term commitments.

Turn on New Cloud Infrastructure with Minimal Upfront Costs

Virtuozzo enables companies to bridge today’s apps to the cloud and launch cloud native apps and microservices of the future with the industry’s only pure software solution for hyperconverged infrastructure.

With Virtuozzo on Packet, you can deploy containers, VMs, and storage across four global Packet locations to scale into new markets or add capacity to serve customers with expanding needs – pay only for what you need.

  • Optimize infrastructure costs
  • Containerize existing apps
  • Launch new cloud services

With one of the deepest technology stacks in the cloud native ecosystem, Virtuozzo features:

  • Containers with integrated storage
  • Optimized KVM-based VMs
  • Live migration in userspace
  • Disc encryption for secure containers
  • libvirt and OpenStack support
  • Adaptive memory management
  • ReadyKernel live patching
  • Erasure coding for storage efficiency

Virtuozzo is a major contributor to numerous open source projects including as the creators and driving force behind OpenVZ, CRIU, and PHaul, as well as actively participating in the KVM, Docker, OpenStack, and Linux kernel communities. 

Learn more about deploying Virtuozzo on Packet here.

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