Jelastic is a flexible PaaS and CaaS with rich web UI for easy creation, scaling, clustering and smooth updates of monolithic applications and microservices.

Service providers can upgrade their commodity offering (VPS, IaaS-only) with advanced technologies demanded among customers-developers, by easily installing the platform on top of Packet bare metal servers.

Core Benefits for Service Providers

  • White labeling and platform customization via handy admin panel
  • 24/7 technical support and a dedicated manager during the whole project lifetime
  • Built-in integration with WHMCS, Odin Service Automation, Odin Automation Premium and custom billing systems
  • Deployment of the platform by the Jelastic PSO team
  • Revenue sharing model and easy terms of installation
  • Go-To-Market program, business kit and sales training

Key Features of Jelastic PaaS / CaaS Platform for Developers

  • Over 50 stacks available, including Tomcat, GlassFish, Nginx, IIS, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Neo4j and Cassandra
  • Support of Docker containers with full orchestration within white-labeled self-service portals or CLI
  • Built-in marketplace with more than 100 applications for one-click installation (CMS, portals, ECM, E-Commerce, etc.)
  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling to handle traffic spikes
  • Comprehensive billing engine, quotas and access control policies
  • Multi-cloud and multi-datacenter management of workloads distribution
  • Automated continuous integration, delivery and upgrade tools
  • Built-in metering, monitoring and troubleshooting tools

How Does Jelastic Integrate with Packet?

Many Jelastic service providers choose Packet because of the deployment speed, the high performance of the servers and Packet's global footprint. This helps to ease the entry to the Platform-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service market, as well as extend cloud hosting business to new geographical regions.

The optimal configuration for Jelastic installation on Packet is to have 3 servers of Type 1, each with the following capacity:

  • Intel® Xeon™ E3-1240 v3 (4 x cores @ 3.4 GHz)
  • 32 GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 240 GB of SSD
  • 2 x 1 Gbps Bonded Network

However, the settings can be adjusted due to the needs of a service provider.

Use Case from Hosting Service Provider

“It turned out to be a very good marriage and very good decision using Jelastic platform on Packet.” Richard Lingsch, President of eApps hosting.

Watch the interview with eApps president to find out why one of the top hosting companies in the USA chose Jelastic and Packet appliance and what results they’ve got.

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