Due to the inherent challenges of network virtualization, GNS3 runs best on bare metal. This is because on dedicated machines GNS3 can directly reach the virtualization instructions of the processor.

With GNS3 on Packet, users have the ability to quickly and easily deploy bare metal servers- the perfect environment for GNS3 network simulations.

Why GNS3 and Packet?

  • Run network simulations of any size on Packet's bare metal machines.
  • Pay by the hour flexiblity - or commit ongoing for the best rates (30% off Type 1's for GNS3 users!)
  • Fast deployment (6-8 minutes) means you can get your work done quickly.
  • Choose from a variety of machines depending on your simulation needs.  

Learn more about deploying GNS3 on Packet via the GNS3 docs here.

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