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Okay, you caught us - we don't actually compete with colocation rockstars like Equinix. In fact, we're big fans (and customers)! But when it comes to grabbing your own space at the local colo, think twice: we might be able to save you all the pain, while helping you get all the gain.

Here's how it works: we buy commercial colocation space en masse, and then deploy and automate custom bare metal hardware using the Packet platform. Everything from provisioning and firmware updates, to network configuration and advanced DevOps integrations.  

Sounds better than just straight colo, eh?   

Hourly Pricing
Native IPv6 Support
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
Full Hardware Access
Spot Market Feature
Simple, Clean API
Deploys in Minutes
Private Deployment Option
Extensive DevOps Integrations
Local & Global BGP
BYO IP Space
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose Colocation?
  • Full Automation - We’re in the business of automating infrastructure, not building datacenters. This means everything at Packet can be done automation - from managing BGP to deploying 100 physical servers in the next 10 minutes.
  • Operational Benefits - Let's face it, the downside of colocation is doing all the work to setup and maintain the infrastructure. Packet's 24/7/365 operations team does this, literally every day. 
  • Roadmap Features - Yup, we have a public roadmap and regularly convene customer councils to help us chart our features, new locations, and configurations. 
  • Buyer's Market - There are well over 150 Equinix locations worldwide, and each of them is 1st class. Add in the DRT's, Interxion's, Cyrus One's and you have a lot to choose from.  
  • Customization - When you run your own colocation space, you can define everything about it...from the type so cables to the TOR's and routers. 
  • Control - Another benefit to running your own colocation footprint is the amount of control you have over the situation: from access rules to change logs, you can bend your environment to meet your needs.

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