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Amazon Web Services

Comparing AWS with Packet?

Amazon defined the cloud computing market with the launch of AWS and continues to offer a powerful, expansive walled garden approach to infrastructure and platform services. With hundreds or thousands of different pricing options and services levels, AWS offers a supermarket approach to cloud computing. 

We respect AWS enormously for what they've built: a seemingly infinite platform that can perform at massive scale. It offers a great solution for many use cases - however, it has critical downsides that include complexity, vendor lock-in, noisy neighbors, and a focus on virtualization.

Our main shared feature is automation. In fact, our goal when starting the company was to bring an "AWS-like experience" to bare metal, so that developers (and their software) could consume dedicated infrastructure the same way they do other public cloud resources. From quick deploys (under 10 minutes) to deep integration with the DevOps ecosystem, AWS & Packet have a lot in common when it comes to consumption experience. 

Hourly Pricing
Native IPv6 Support
Simple, Clean API
Deploys in Minutes
Cloud-init / Metadata Support
Spot Market Feature
Full Hardware Access Limited
Private Deployment Option
  • Why Choose Packet?
  • Why Choose Amazon Web Services?
  1. Price to Performance - By delivering only "hardware as a service", we're able to provide vastly more performance infrastructure at up to 50-60% less cost. 
  2. Hardware Access - We offer the ability to innovate directly on hardware, but with the automation experience of the cloud. 
  3. Advanced Networking - We provide the networking benefits of a private datacenter (think BGP, Layer 3, your own AS) but with the benefits of the cloud.
  4. Awesome Support - We’re 100% focused on automating hardware, not busy designing complex managed services, so we can afford to build deep relationships with our customers.
  5. Ability to Customize - Need to be in a special location, or deploy a fleet of the latest FPGA’s? We can help you do that and give you the automation you need. 
  6. Roadmap Influence - Yup, we have a public roadmap and regularly convene custom councils to help us chart our features, locations, and configurations.
  7. Non Competitive - We’re in the business of infrastructure, not managed services. This means you can offer an amazing “xxx” as a service on Packet, and we won’t compete up the stack.
  8. Benefits of Single Tenancy - To state the obvious, when you get a dedicated server it is all yours - removing the noisy neighbors factor and ensuring a stable environment that you can define.
  1. Managed VM's - While you can of course deploy your own VM's on top of Packet bare metal, AWS bases its core EC2 infrastructure offering on VM's. This can be quite efficient, but it means sharing drive space, network, etc.
  2. Everything as a Service - If you're looking for a platform that does everything for you, from load balancing to managing containers or offering functions as a service, Amazon would be a great choice.     
  3. 1000’s of Features - Nearly 1,000 features at AWS are released or improved each year. That’s a lot of stuff, and it can be hard to keep track of and complicated to manage. 
  4. Complex Pricing - This may not be a benefit, but with the huge number of options that AWS offers, it is possible to slice and dice exactly what you need. The downside for many users is a really complicated bill that just grows and grows.
  5. Nearly Unlimited Scale - AWS prides themselves on offering Auto Scaling which allows you to scale up or down, as well as increase or decrease your capacity when needed. Their massive size also means they can invest billions of dollars in capacity each year.
  6. Per Second Billing - A relatively new feature, per second billing allows customers to start, stop, and terminate instances and they will not be charged for the minutes or seconds remaining in the hours their instances were running. 
  7. $100,000 in Free Credit - You read that right, AWS offers promotional credits to those who meet the terms and conditions they set forth. 
  8. Diapers in an Hour - Okay, this has nothing to do with infrastructure, but it does speak to Amazon's overall logistical prowess.

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