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Make infrastructure your competitive advantage with fully automated bare metal that can be deployed anywhere.

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The Promise of the Cloud, Reimagined

How can we help drive your business?

  • Increase Performance, Minimize Cost
    Take advantage of the power of automated single-tenant infrastructure.
  • Programmable, Carrier Grade Network
    Reach your global audience with advanced features like BGP, Anycast, Backend Transfer, and BYO IP.
  • Leading DevOps Integrations
    1st class providers for Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes (CSI & CCM) & more.
The Promise of the Cloud, Reimagined
The Promise of the Cloud, Reimagined
  • An Ideal Substrate for Hybrid Cloud
    From VMware to Google Anthos, Packet metal is friendly to all workloads.
  • The Security of Single Tenancy
    Control your cloud security story with single tenancy on our programmable platform.
  • Cloud, Edge, & On-Prem
    Get the benefits of hyperscaler-style infrastructure, anywhere

No Need to Take Our Word For It

We love nothing more than helping to make our clients successful.

"Being able to manage everything through the command line makes Packet bare metal feel like cloud software. It's really cool that they can spin up a physical machine in minutes. It's like a breath of fresh air."

Lee Liu, Co-founder and Chief Architect
Play Video Lee Liu

"Within a matter of weeks, Packet had built the location. About an hour after they had announced that they’d got it up and running, we rolled out our stack and were serving live traffic. This happened to be a Friday night. Monday, we were in Barcelona, doing live demos at the Mobile World Congress."

Mikko Peltola, Director of Cloud Operations, Hatch
Mikko Peltola

"We’re building really large Cassandra and Kubernetes clusters so we need tremendous storage and memory capabilities. The heavier the workload, the more Packet shines."

Anthony Woods, CTO and Co-Founder, Grafana
Anthony Woods

"Packet has this unique ability to deploy customizable hardware and yet provide it to us with full automation—it literally feels like we are consuming virtual machines, not dedicated servers."

Cody Hill, Cloud Architect
Play Video Cody Hill

"Because Packet is giving us the actual bare metal machines, we still have that first layer of virtualization extensions that we can use to isolate our guest machines from one another. None of the other cloud providers provide that."

Jake Moshenko, Co-Founder, Quay
Jake Moshenko

"Packet has faster default hardware available, but we also worked with Packet’s team to do custom hardware configurations for our database servers. We went from needing to imminently add database servers on our old provider, to having a lot of excess capacity at Packet."

George Deglin, Co-founder and CEO
George Deglin

"We are processing data, analyzing it, providing a decision and sending the answer back in less time that it takes to light up the LCD on the display telling you we did it." 

Tamer Hassan, CEO & Co-founder
Tamer Hassan