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Packet empowers developer-driven companies to deploy physical infrastructure at global scale.

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Deploy Automated Infrastructure, Anywhere

Packet’s flexible technology enables rapid deployment and management of physical infrastructure at scale. From our global bare metal public cloud to our fully on-premises software solution, we automate infrastructure regardless of what it is, where it is, or who owns it.


Deploy bare metal in just under 60 seconds from any of our global datacenters. Leverage our elegant API or the tools you already love, such as Terraform and Ansible.



Infrastructure automation software designed for diverse environments.



We're developing a new deployment model & ecosystem to cost effectively place your services adjacent to your customers. Distributed compute for a 5G connected world.


22+ Global Locations

With our public cloud, you can tap into on demand, spot market, and reserved bare metal globally. 
Need a custom location or configuration?  We can do that too! 

Custom DUB1 View Details
Custom Marseille View Details
Core DFW2 1100 Empire Central Place, Dallas TX 75247 View Details
Edge BOS2 View Details
Custom ATL1 56 Marietta Street in Atlanta, GA 30303 View Details
Custom ORD1 350 East Cermak Road Chicago, IL 60616 View Details
Custom IAD1 21715 Filigree Ct Ashburn, VA 20147 View Details
Custom DFW1 1950 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75207 View Details
Custom LAX1 600 West 7th Street Los Angeles, CA 90017 View Details
Custom SEA1 2001 Sixth Avenue Seattle, WA 98121 View Details
Custom HKG1 17/F, 168 Yeung Uk Rd Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong View Details
Custom SYD2 200 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia View Details
Custom SIN3 29A International Business Park, Jurong East,Singapore 609934 View Details
Custom YYZ1 151 Front St W Toronto, Ontario CANADA View Details
Custom FRA1 Hanauer Landstrasse 302 Frankfurt am Main View Details
Core SJC1 1360 Kifer Road Sunnyvale, CA 94086 View Details
Core EWR1 200 Webro Road Parsippany, NJ View Details
Core AMS1 Cessnalaan 50, 1119 NL Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands View Details
Core NRT1 1-10-19, Edagawa Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0051 View Details

Fully Automated Integrations

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Our bare metal platform was built for an API-first world. From native libraries and DevOps tooling to hosted solutions, our goal is to help you manage your infrastructure programmatically.  







Welcome to the heart and soul of Packet: our API, which allows you to interact with your devices, user account, and projects using conventional HTTP requests.

Whatever you can do via our portal, you can also do via our API. All requests can be sent to the following endpoint:

For complete documentation library and usage examples, you can learn more at:

Devops Integrations

We prioritize consistency and automation at all levels - making dedicated servers a programmable, deployable on-demand resource.

Libraries & CLI

Our official libraries help you consume our API across a variety of popular programming languages.

API Documentation

The heart and soul of Packet: our API, allows you to interact with your devices, user account, and projects using conventional HTTP requests.

Stay up to date with all features, integrations, and improvements.

November 20th, 2018

Deprovision Speed Improvements (Feature)

We are pleased to announce a follow-on to our 60 Second Installs feature. This time, we’re chopping off the time it takes for servers to deprovision!  

Learn More

The complete Developer Packet Roadmap with customer, team, and planned feature requests as well as in progress and completed features.

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Don’t take our word for itOur Users Deploy 60k Times Per Month

Cameron DiverSoftware Engineer,

"The Packet team was super helpful in getting things set up, including working with us to deploy a custom kernel built to help with rpi1 compatibility. They were also really good about letting us try out the hardware for quite a long time to make sure it fit our requirements fully."  

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Mike JohnstonCo-Creator of Supergiant, CTO of QBox

"One of the reasons we chose Arm was because no one else is doing it. As the support and community grows we’re seeing a lot more interest in Arm, so it’s a selling point for us to be on a platform like Packet that supports it as a 1st class citizen."

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Cody HillCloud Architect, Platform9

"Packet has this unique ability to deploy customizable hardware and yet provide it to us with full automation—it literally feels like we are consuming virtual machines, not dedicated servers."

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Mikko PeltolaDirector of Cloud Operations, Hatch

"Within a matter of weeks, Packet had built the location. They didn’t have an earlier presence in that data center. About an hour after they had announced that they’d got it up and running, we rolled out our stack and were serving live traffic from there. This actually happened to be a Friday night. Monday, we were in Barcelona, doing live demos at the Mobile World Congress, running from that site."

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Anthony WoodsCTO and Co-Founder, Grafana

"We’re building really large Cassandra and Kubernetes clusters so the Type 2s just give tremendous storage and memory capabilities. The heavier the workload, the more Packet shines."

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David LadyFounding Partner and President, GeoSpace Labs

"Packet’s offerings seemed ideally suited for GeoSpace Labs’ needs. Everyone else seemed oriented towards uploading pictures and shopping carts and stuff, and that’s just not what we’re about. Our system is very processing-heavy, so we need the CPU cores." 

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Jake MoshenkoCo-Founder, Quay

"Because Packet is giving us the actual bare metal machines, we still have that first layer of virtualization extensions that we can use to isolate our guest machines from one another. None of the other cloud providers provide that."

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George DeglinCEO, OneSignal

"Packet has faster default hardware available, but we also worked with Packet’s team to do custom hardware configurations for our database servers. We went from needing to imminently add database servers on our old provider, to having a lot of excess capacity at Packet."

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Tamer HassanCTO, White Ops

"We are processing data, analyzing it, providing a decision and sending the answer back in less time that it takes to light up the LCD on the display telling you we did it." 

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Kris BeeversFounder, CEO NS1

"With Packet, we’ve found this perfect combination of bleeding-edge automation and access to raw hardware that enables us to do what we need to do."

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Josh PigfordCEO & Founder, Baremetrics

"Packet simplified things. It gave us the power we needed without needing to have somebody full-time managing servers on our team." 

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Simon Stender BoisenChief Technology Officer, Lix

"We started looking for where we could get physical hardware but with cloud-style provisioning, and we quickly found Packet. Their on-demand provisioning was unique and the pricing was great, which also factors in when you’re a small startup."

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Jake WarnerCEO & Founder, Cycle

"We started playing around with Packet's API and realized just how incredibly stable it was, and how compared to a lot of other infrastructure APIs, the failure rate was incredibly low."

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